Sunday, October 18, 2009

Free money just reduces aptitude

It's the week Technorati changed. What's a roundup writer to do when his authority number goes from 31 to 1?
Visit the old favorites and see what they're up to. Smitty puts together the Other McCain's roundup the old-fashioned way, as does Honesty in Motion.
Troglopundit offered a different version of "meat the press."
GrandpaJohn's finds where the rainbow ends.
Pat enjoyed fall break weekend.
Wyblog watched his number soar.
Classic Liberal keeps up with the Rush Limbaugh story.
Pundette is not reconciled to reconcilation.
Paco finds a line he likes.
Carol isn't fond of Anita Dunn.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Check out the changing leaves and watch out for flying burritos.

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