Friday, October 23, 2009

Time to choose

I was disappointed to see Tooconservative's post that the Democrat would win in NY23. Very disappointed.
What electorate are they dividing in Northern New York? The one that gave President Obama 52 percent last fall, or the one that gave the Republican incumbent a 2-to-1 win? The conservative is taking his chances that it's the latter.
The Watertown Daily Times may not feel Conservative Doug Hoffman is the best candidate for their area, but the days of Congress critters bringing home the bacon are basically over. You can't bring home bacon when all that's left of the pig is the squeal.
For years, conservatives have been told to join the party bus or else the Democrats would win.
Now conservatives are feeling stronger and more unified. And saying "You join our bus or the Democrats will win."
The Daily Kos poll Friday morning is not as positive for Hoffman as the one last week - the poll that really sparked conservative interest in the campaign.
There will be more battles like this, not less, next year. Democrats will probably join in the fun, with progressives blaming moderates for failures (in Virginia, it's already started).
If the game is about gaining power in Washington, join the party bus. If it's about making a difference in the country, then fight for what you believe in.

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