Thursday, October 29, 2009

NY 23 - Kos: I didn't mean what you think I meant

The Watertown Daily Times visits Daily Kos and finds Kos unhappy with how his blog post from early September sparked the Doug Hoffman fire.
I have no love for the Democrat, Owens, and I clearly have no love for Scozzafava in that post, so only an idiot would construe that as an "endorsement". An endorsement implies love for the candidate being endorsed. I wish nothing but ill will for all candidates in this race. But the GOP is full of idiots, and they've run strong with it, making my "endorsement" part of their anti-Scozzafava narrative. And now we're in a situation in which the conservative candidate Doug Hoffman has a real chance of performing better than the Republican.
And there's more good news for Hoffman.
Oh, and Mr. Moulitsas leaked his own Research 2000/Daily Kos poll results early: Mr. Owens apparently has 33 percent in their poll, Mr. Hoffman has 32 percent and Ms. Scozzafava has 21 percent.

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