Saturday, October 17, 2009

They walk the line

Let's pull a line out of the Washington Post's endorsement of Creigh Deeds for governor.
But a governor of Virginia can do little to influence the ideologically charged debates raging on Capitol Hill.
The Post uses the line to defend Deeds from Bob McDonnell's focus on aspects of the Obama agenda that bother Virginians.
Not to defend McDonnell about his 1989 thesis.
Which does the governor have more control over? Cap-and-trade, card check and health care reform, or abortion rights, treatment of homosexuals, birth control and separation of church and state?
How about calling it a tie? Then are both campaigns banging their heads against the wall attacking opponents over issues they have no control over? If Democrats control Washington, their party has to deal with unhappiness their proposals cause. Mr. Deeds is a Democrat.
He may not be able to influence the highly-charged debate, but he's got to suffer for it.
UPDATE: Linked on the McDonnell campaign site's blog.

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