Saturday, October 31, 2009

We didn't sign up for this

With Creigh Deeds struggling down the stretch, Democrats are trying to figure how to minimize losses in the 100 House of Delegate contests.
You almost feel sorry for the Democrats fighting against the tide. It wasn't supposed to be like this.
When candidate recruitment happened, the Democrats were in a better place. They had won statewide, and that would continue, right? President Obama won the state. Ol' Virginny was dead, right?
The tide would rise enough to get them the majority. There would be plenty of money for the election season. Terry McAuliffe would see to that. The focus was on more Democrats in the 2010 session, not fewer.
Now, look at the polls and how do you motivate volunteers and voters in the stretch run?
"Let's make it not so bad."
"Spend two years fighting against stuff instead of for stuff."
"Has our time passed?"
"How long do we have to wait to get back into contention for another shot at the majority?"


Editor said...

Hopefully Corzine loses Tues

Reaganite Republican said...

Great piece... just linked this at the Reaganite Republican.

Keep up the Good Fight... our sides' winning now!

Your Ally... James