Sunday, October 18, 2009

From 10 years ago

In 1999, I was doing free-lance articles on University of Virginia football and basketball for my former newspaper, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph.
A woman who worked there called to say she said had a new opportunity - at a website called They were going to do capsule reports on college teams, and she asked if I was interested. Sure, since they paid $35 a story and reports were cross-posted at and the L.A. Times website. And I was going to the games anyway.
I did weekly reports through the basketball season. Then the email came. Funding had dried up and they were done. It was a good ride while it lasted.
This week, I signed up with to join their attempt at having original content on the website. My first article went up last night, an overview of the Virginia gubernatorial race.
No pay, but it's the challenge of being part of something new. Maybe this will make it, and I'll be part of it. Or it doesn't make a dent and it provides experience to prepare me for the next big thing.

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