Saturday, February 26, 2011

The problem is - other people aren't paying enough taxes

There's been a lot going on this month. The Coffee Party thinks it might be a tipping point toward the people rising up in a progress way.
Blue Virginia isn't so hopeful about the 10 wake-up calls, but the last one intrigues me - Tax Week in April.
During the week of April 10 through April 17, the Coffee Party will help to organize nationally-coordinated actions to demand change.
The Tea Party has gotten plenty of power from the past two Tax Days, and another surge should come this year. The Coffee Party is trying to get a little of that. Read this part of their paragraph and think the Tea Party would agree with it.
We understand that we are broke by design because the taxes that are owed to this nation are paid by everyone except those who benefit most from doing business here.  We are not going to allow the corruption of our government to continue without challenge.  We demand nothing less than a fundamental change to our power structure.  Once people see the whole truth, that change will be inevitable.
Trouble is, the Coffee Party sees just Republican power brokers getting the breaks. The Tea Party sees trouble all around, including big spending politicians and the unions who keep wanting more despite huge deficits.
Both sides think others aren't paying enough.
Both see others getting tax money that should go to their projects.
Could they work together?
The party of government is too entrenched in its way, even as the money runs out. Getting more money out of the rich won't make a dent on the looming budget troubles.
It's more likely the tipping point will go toward the fight of the Tea Party.
Too many people feel they are paying too much in taxes and getting too little in return. You can't give them more money when there's no money to give, and you can't relax the tax burden when you want to spend the money.
It will be fun to see a Coffee Party emphasis on Tax Week. Think it will grow cold pretty quickly.

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RightsideVA said...

"Problem is- other people aren't paying enough taxes"

And then there is the issue of those who in effect, pay no taxes at all when you look at it. Sure they may pay into payroll taxes but when you look at the amount returned in other tax refunds or govt programs, they pay nothing...

With that these people do NOT have a chip in the game regarding fixing the shortfall or deficits.

I see many people at work who struggle at work and complain they never have enough money and need assistance but yet when the large federal tax refund comes it's spent on toys, cruises, new electronics, and cell phones that are more advanced than the computer I have!

The "Rich" already pay a higher progressive rate and until everybody is part of the solution and sacrafice, the problem will continue....