Monday, February 14, 2011

How to get Democrats to tolerate spending cuts

Blue Virginia wails about the Republican plan to cut the subsidy to Metro. Guess we've got to speak the Democrats' language to get them on board.
  • Nancy Pelosi said "Pay as you go", right?
  • We've asked for more money from the richest Americans (federal employees around D.C. vs. rural Americans? No contest.)
  • We're encouraging Americans to be more green (heard about working from home instead of commuting?
Is the Metro in such tight budget ways that it can't function without the subsidy? The subsidy of Texans to pay for easier commutes for federal workers? Sure, people from all across the country use the Metro when visiting D.C. But those in D.C. need to think of ways to make do with less.
The federal government takes plenty of money from the rest of the country. It has to learn to live with less.

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