Monday, February 21, 2011

The "have yours" class

A simple but sound definition of the battle in Wisconsin - part of the coming war of bureaucrats vs. the real owners - the taxpayers.
As long as Democrats think it's the rich they are fighting, they don't have a chance. They are looking the wrong way for the enemy that will take them out.
Taxpayers are becoming acutely aware of the have-yours as a class -- something like Angelo Codevilla's ruling class -- whose gains in salaries and benefits aren't associated with harder work and important innovations but political access. Public-sector unions rallying in Madison aren't even taking a hit for their political activism, given that their protest is made possible by paid sick days, negotiated for them by their collective bargaining units who, it must be said, donate to the very people with whom they negotiate.
Democrats and Republicans are together on the wrong side of this battle. But Republicans can switch to the winning side more easily.

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