Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Democrats - officially a fringe party

Between Baltimore and Philadelphia  on I-95 lies Hartford County, Maryland.
Where Democrats are officially a fringe party.
Why? In the last county elections, Democratic candidates only received 12 percent of the total votes. They fielded candidates in only three of seven elections.
Republicans looked at the law - a party needs 15 percent of votes to participate in redistricting - and followed the law.
The Democrats cried. Because they weren't paying attention to the law.
The (county) charter was approved by a Democratic-controlled council at a time when all members were elected at large. The document was not revised in 2000, when voters supported a referendum for election by district.
Read the story for the different aspects of the Democratic playbook.
  • Whining
  • Protests
  • Threats to sue
  • Wanting to use numbers from the past that favor them
  • Ignoring the consequences of a law they passed.
  • Insults "Republicans here are so tea-partied up that they think they don't even have to include us," said Wendy Sawyer, chairwoman of the county's Democratic Central Committee. "This originally was a clear attempt to keep fringe parties from participating in redistricting. To suggest that we are a fringe party is outrageous."

Sorry, but the law says you're a fringe party. Counting "legacy Democrats" who probably consider themselves Republicans won't change that.

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