Saturday, February 12, 2011

Social issues - still the base of the party

Pundette wasn't happy with what she read today - is the abortion issue passe at CPAC?
Where do social issues stand in 2011?
Not out in front, but they are the base.
The solid foundation.
The rock upon which the movement was born.
Conservatives and the Tea Party would not be where they are today without the work of pro-life supporters.
Through the years, pro-life people were asked to be quieter. It was said that they and their issues were too divisive.
But they were right about the direction the country was taking. Their warnings were true.
A country that emphasized the here-and-now (abort that baby, it's okay to kill off the old folks) would of course spend money now and not save for later. Take the FICA taxes of a 20-year-old to buy the vote of a 70-year-old.
Live for today and forget about tomorrow. Forget why pro-life was the default position for most of human history. Live just for yourself and humanity would be history.
The type of person who could run that Pennsylvania abortion mill would also leave future budgets looted.
Now, we've got to take the long view if we're going to make it long term. We've got to trim our urges for instant gratification. State retirees aren't going to be to get everything they've been promised - because those who promised them were wrong to do so. They spent money that wasn't their to spend.
As the tea party gains steam, so will social issues. As we care about the lifestyles of future generations, giving those future generations life will matter more.
When the financial mood of the country changes, opinions toward the social issues will change.
It make not be cool to focus on social issues right now. But conservatives would be nowhere without those who focus on them.

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