Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thank a teacher

Everybody knows the famous bumper sticker - "If you can read this, thank a teacher."
Wisconsin has inspired me to try some new bumper stickers.

"If you want to see public sector unions look bad, thank a teacher."
"If you appreciate Gov. Walker's policy stand, thank a teacher."
"If you want the youth of today burdened by crushing taxes when they are adults, thank a teacher."
"If you like seeing Democratic legislators show their true colors (yellow), thank a teacher."
"If you want to show home-schooling is the way to go, thank a teacher."
"If you want to see adults throw temper tantrums, thank a teacher."

Do we really appreciate the lessons we're learning from the teachers in Wisconsin?

1 comment:

Steve Burri said...

For the most part I would substitute 'public sector union' or 'fat cat union boss' for 'teacher.' I consider most of the teachers and 'the children' as pawns in the union power game.