Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wisconsin and the weather

We awoke in Fishersville to ice on the car windshields and a two-hour delay for schools. Just days after it was 70 degrees, and 24-hours after a warm morning.
Things changed in an unexpected, but not unusual, way. It's still February and still winter, but it's unexpected because a warm day gets you thinking it's getting close to spring. You mentally prepare for warm weather, not a return to cold.
Several Facebook friends in Maryland and eastern West Virginia were stunned to see snow on the ground and big totals forecast overnight.
In Wisconsin, the protesters are shocked by the unexpected, but not unusual, budget news. And Governor Scott Walker's plans to balance the budget.
Like those of us expecting warm weather based on a nice Friday, they expected continued benefits and pay despite the fact it's winter outside in the budget world. The reality of the situation shocked them.
Like complaining about the weatherman, they are complaining about the governor. But he's not the problem, just the teller of the budgetary truth.
Unlike the weather, it's not guaranteed that better budget news is just around the corner. We might be in for a long haul of bad budget news.
Wisconsin protesters, think to quit your whining and prepare for what's coming. Instead of wanting others to give up their coats so you can be warmer.

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