Monday, August 17, 2009

Lamentations of Graham

Get our your sackcloth and read the latest tale of woe from Chris Graham.
First off, would somebody from the Creigh Deeds campaign please show they care about Waynesboro?
I’m still waiting for my first formal contact from the Deeds campaign regarding coordinated campaign activities.
Seems like a simple enough request. You drive past Waynesboro almost every time you go from Richmond to Bath County. We've got places to shop and eat at exit 94, and downtown's not that far from the interstate.
The Deeds campaign is emitting the foul stench of death. You don't come behind from a double-digits when independent voters smell that. No matter what perfume you put on it.
For all the talk about how Deeds closed for victory in the June primary, as time goes on it looks like he found himself the last man standing because McAuliffe and Moran fell down. That's very hard to duplicate.
Now, would someone from the Deeds campaign take a minute to call up Chris Graham, instead of stabbing someone else in the back.

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