Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama's travelogue

UPDATE: Welcome, Other McCain readers.

President Obama spent the weekend in Arizona, and has a speech Monday in Phoenix. Health care reform looks like it will need a vacation after the August congressional recess. How about a road show parody? Here's Glen Campbell's "By the time I get to Phoenix."

By the time I get to Phoenix my plan is dying
I hear the crowds, and House members running for the door
They laugh when we reach the part about cost savin'
Cause they've heard that so many times before

By the time I'm back in Washington, not much better
Protesters sending emails, then making a call
House staffers hear that phone keep on ringin'
Off the wall, that's not all

By the time I make Martha's Vineyard Dems are cryin'
They'll whine loudly and cuss Republicans out loud
And they'll mope just to think we're really losing
Tho' how it happened, I just don't know
They just couldn't know my plan would suck so.

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