Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Augusta Expoland tea party report

Wednesday at Augusta Expoland, the parking lot was full. The chairs were mostly filled and people milled about. Plenty of tea bags, homemade signs and passion. Probably 300 people, many who obviously knew each other. Young and old, a cross-section of Augusta County.
Then Michael Nash got up to speak. The man sure can suck the excitement out of a room.
He got three applause lines - when he prayed, mentioned Glenn Beck, and said he was concluding. The rest was quite confusing.
After he talked with WHSV-TV, a member of the audience came up to him and said "We came here for a tax rally and got conspiracy theories." Nash didn't answer, and instead walked away.
That was my cue to walk too. While a nice little old lady talked about resolutions from the 1960s and regional governments or something, I joined about half the audience in going home.
It was sad. There's people who are ready to protest taxes and spending like all the other tea parties across the United States. The ones they saw on Fox News and heard excited reports from on talk radio. But they didn't get that in Fishersville.
I know there's interest out there. Since this party was not on the list of other Virginia tea parties, I got over 50 hits from Google search and other search engines looking for Fishersville tea party. Now I know why it wasn't on the list.
Please, if you are interested in the tea party movement, check out or or Glenn Beck's site or Hannity's. This isn't the end, but the beginning of something great.


Anonymous said...

Yeah when I heard about Russians undercover on I-81 it was time to go.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Mike, here was my take:

Reading the rest of your blog now. Looks like good stuff here, thanks.

Misfit410 said...

When I heard the name Alex Jones from the third speaker I knew where it was going, remembered that name from Loose Change.. what a pile of garbage.

Michael Nash had better keep his mitts off all further events, he made this one a train wreck.

Unknown said...

It was obvious Mr. Nash had an agenda... one that had nothing to do with the Tax Parties. It's a shame that he ruined what should have been a great event.

And here's an interesting aside: a young man from Augusta County named Jacob Bumgardner was at the original Tea Party back in 1773. His father was in Boston on business, Jacob accompanied him there and ended up participating.

Bob K. said...

Too bad Fishersville didn't have someone like Sara James at

The Richmond Tea PartyThat was the real deal!In fact, they are just beginning. Go to their site to sign the petition to our elected officials.