Friday, April 24, 2009

Global Crossing Warming

I decided to search Global Crossing on the blognetnews site, and two hits came back from last night's VEA debate - the Washington Post's political blog and the Daily Press' political blog.
Now bloggers, you're not going to replace the mainstream media until you think like them.
Both posts have the feel of "Now, here's something exciting to write about." "It's about time they brought this up." "It's going to be fun from here until June 9."
Other blogs can talk about offshore drilling or Surry coal plant or chicken waste, or whatever else seems to separate McAuliffe and Moran. Global Crossing is a triple fudge ice cream sundae for newspaper political reporters. Whoever handles this issue best has the best shot at the Democratic nomination.
btw, Virginia Virtucon gets honorable mention for making "Global Crossing" McAuliffe's middle name in several earlier posts.

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