Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend watchdog

What on TV this weekend? Three words - Mel Kiper Junior.
It's NFL draft weekend. They've been talking about it since December, and they will be talking until 4 p.m. when it's time for the first pick. It's oddly addictive, like slowing down to watch an accident on the interstate. What player did my team pick, even if I won't remember him in September.
ESPN and NFL Network have the coverage (it's not May 1 yet Comcast viewers).
If you want to see some real action, NHL and NBA playoffs continue. Can the Capitals make it through the weekend? Will LeBron and the Cavaliers sweep out the Pistons?
NASCAR is down at Talladega and the Yankees visit the Red Sox Saturday on Fox and Sunday on ESPN. What a surprise. I think I'll wait on that rivalry until September, if the Yankees are above .500 then.

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