Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Have you thanked your taxpayer today?

Many people will be attending Tea Party rallies today across the country today. The left has even organized rallies in support of the President's tax plan. I even found a post discussing the positive things that come from paying taxes.
But, do we ever thank people for paying their taxes? Do we ever show some appreciation for their hard work?
After money goes to government, it's usually the elected officials who talk about what they have brought back to their constituents. Without our tax money, they got nothing. The fuel for the tea parties is not against all taxes and all government. But worries that taxes and government are growing too big, and not to help all people but to help current politicians earn reelection.
The stimulus package is being used as a two-sided bat. Democrats say "Look what I got for you." and "Those Republicans don't want you to have what you need."
Instead, it's the money of current and future taxpayers. Is this the best use for it?

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