Thursday, April 9, 2009

Frat boy fun

Charlottesville's weekly The Hook highlights the sad case of four UVa fraternity pledges. As a prank, they took a fraternity member out to Crozet and left him.
Unfortunately for both, some townspeople saw the drop off.
Really unfortunately for them, and not highlighted enough in the article, the fraternity member didn't tell the townspeople it was a harmless prank. He tried to protect the pledges and said some unknown person did it.
Not what you tell people in the 21st century. Police were called and now his friends will spend four days in jail.
The story makes the courts out to be the bad guys, pressing charges when it's an obvious prank. But the fraternity member lied to police and he's not going to be spending time in jail.
Hopefully, the fraternities will catch the message. Pranks are okay; lying isn't.

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