Sunday, April 19, 2009

Partial defense of Chris

Chris Graham's endorsement of Terry McAuliffe focuses on Graham's belief that McAuliffe follows the Mark Warner school of government, using business experience to make Virginia government better.
If that's your focus, McAuliffe is a good candidate. Unfortunately, he comes with more baggage than a traveling Broadway show company. Warner didn't have that baggage and could pull off the good ol' boy part of his campaign. McAuliffe began his campaign in 2009, but not his career.


ChrisGraham said...

Two words: Pat Robertson.

Chris Graham said...

Partial defense, partial thanks.

Something else to pick up on with this - the local Democratic Party committees are finally registering a faint signal of a pulse, and they're already coming apart at the seams.

The liberals in my party can't stand that someone like me can think of himself as progressive and support a business-minded candidate like McAuliffe.

Apparently we want our party caucuses to be endless recitations of "Cum Ba Yah" around a campfire alternatively holding hands and hugging trees.

I'd be a Republican if not for the libertarians handling your fiscal policy and the religion-baiters skewering the social side.

Which is to say - I'm quickly becoming a man without a party.