Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Something bothering me..

about the Augusta County Republicans. If so many important people are missing so many important meetings, maybe the trouble doesn't lie with them. Maybe the trouble lies with the person setting up the meetings.
I thought three strikes and you're out laws were for dangerous criminals, not party volunteers.

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RightsideVA said...


Three strikes is substantial when you are on the executive committee and responsible for the position you agreed to take on the committee. There is more to this issue then what some are portraying in their blogs or comments. ALL individuals who missed the three consecutive meetings were told that they are welcome to reapply as members and to be voted on at the next meeting.

The truth here is if you are going to be responsible for the position you need to show up to the meetings. Several people were attempting to slow or hinder party businesss by their actions for they, or their "Leaders" were no longer in "power" as they wished. Another issue is are you in it for the party or in it for your party "position"?