Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's the internet age, settle it

RightsideVa responded to my post of last night. It sparks a few more questions.
1. What were the dates of the three consecutive meetings missed by those dismissed? Can you or Spankthedonkey post copies of the meeting notification letters?
2. Was there a pattern of absences from meetings before this streak? Names aren't needed, just numbers.
3. How many members resigned? If it's more than half, how do you expect to attract new people in to a shrinking group?
4. Has any other Virginia group in the state used this meeting absence policy to remove so many people from leadership positions?
Rules are important. But if a person has two priorities and your group is second of the two, maybe your group is not as important as you think.


RightsideVA said...


Time to get positive and move the important campaigns forward for positive results in November. ALL top three spots GOP in Virginia November 2009...

With Augusta Free Press and the Chairman of the Waynesboro Democratic Party linking and watching our situation we need to take care inhouse.

Come join the local party and become active and work with people looking to move the strong conservative candidates and party in the correct direction for Virginia and the nation...

Mike said...

Thanks for the reply, even though it's not what I hoped for.
From what I've read, I get the sense this is a minority of the Augusta County Republicans ousting a majority. And what I've read on comments from your side hasn't changed that sense.
I'm sure most of the resigned members will find other venues to assist the top of the ticket this election. It will be the Augusta County Republican committee that will miss out, losing their hard work and dedication.
As for the Augusta Free Press, you really should post some comments there. I know I won't convince Chris, but I think it's good for his readers to hear some reasoned Conservative arguments.