Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Driving while texting while being recorded

Turned on the Today Show to check the local weather before the boys left for school. They had a segment from San Antonio, where a bus driver didn't notice slowing traffic ahead of him and crashed into a stopped car.
Why? Because he was texting. And because he was a bus driver, you could see replays of the accident, him in the driver's seat, and his passengers.
I guess he never saw Speed. There's cameras everywhere.
I think a story like this is trouble for both parties. How to deal with this? No matter what rules you put up, people don't follow.
You can think people will make rational, thoughtful decisions to improve their lives and see someone busted with no place to hide.
How do you protect the rest of the world from the one person who messes up their lives? No matter what laws you think up, people will find ways to ignore them and cause pain to the general public.
When traveling, I avoid the Washington Beltway as much as possible. Too many chances that one person will make a mistake and you and the rest of the commuters will have to pay with long waits stuck in traffic.

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