Thursday, April 23, 2009

We need a sniper, not a shotgun

It's been over a week since the furor erupted over potential trouble from "right-wing extremists." The government may have some concerns about potential troublemakers. But the words they used - instead of focusing like a laser beam on a target - hit half the population. Ordinary people aren't being wacky thinking they were part of the government's concern.
Words mean things, especially in an age when wild accusations about political opponents are flung about with abandon. You can't use shotgun words that blast all over the place.
The same thing happened in February, when President Obama talked the need for finishing high school. He probably intended to focus on those in school now and at risk of leaving for the streets or possible trouble. But by not being completely clear, he offended people who had to quit high school to help their family long ago. And those he meant to talk to probably didn't even hear him.

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