Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Donnie Osmond's thoughts on tea party invaders

With all the tea parties planned for Wednesday, there's been reports that opponents plan to attend to make tea party supporters look bad. They'll try to get the media coverage, or try to disrupt things, to portray the people as kooks.
Fortunately, the Osmonds had some sage advice for us all. Listen and learn.

Unfortunately, the Osmonds never recorded a song about trusting Pajamas Media or Instapundit for the best reporting on the Tea Parties.


Brent said...

The Jacksons never recorded "One Bad Apple". This is The Osmonds. ;)

Mike said...

A commenter says it's the Osmonds, not Jackson 5. Lessons:
1. Don't trust fruit from Japan.
2. Michael Jackson and Donnie Osmond sound the same to me.