Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Pat?

Checking a few Democratic blogs recently, I'm getting confident about the coming election for governor. Pat Robertson? That's the best you've got on Bob McDonnell?
Obviously, I'm not the target audience. Back in 1984, my College Republican buddy and I tried to sell "Reagan '84/Falwell '88" buttons at the Maryland state convention. But I don't see much reason to fear someone who ran for president 21 years ago. Especially after eight years of Democrats as governor.
Some may see the Religious Right as a group trying to take over, but I think they are just people who want their voices heard. If they were still riding the momentum of the 80s and 90s to political success, you might have a point. But in the ebb and flow of politics, the Religious Right's power is not as strong now. Not a real boogeyman. There's lots of other bigger threats out there.
But if the Democrats want to throw money down that hole, go ahead. Linking Bob McDonnell to Pat Robertson might make McDonnell more popular.

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