Monday, April 20, 2009

Why miss a meeting

I wish I could attend Tuesday's Augusta County Republican meeting, but we have dog obedience training for our puppy.
RightsideVa made a comment on one of my posts to highlight his views of what's going on - why 56 members were removed from the committee. So what conflicts did the 56 members have with the local meetings?
1. A meeting was the same night as the supervisors meeting in March.
2. All 56 were flown down to Rush Limbaugh's Florida compound for consultations on the issues at hand. Many of the bits Rush has used recently came from our local Republicans. Hannity and Glenn Beck were so jealous.
3. On the night of the third missed meeting, our 56 heroes went to Washington and gave Sen. Harry Reid atomic wedgies for several hours. (Why do you think Reid looks like that?)
The 56 did attend the 3:01 a.m. meeting held at the Mount Sidney rest stop, en route to Paul Begala's house. My previous information was in error.
In light of this information, the bylaws should be suspended for our 56 Republican heroes. They should be restored to their rightful place on the Augusta County Republican committee.

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Unknown said...

I never gave Harry a wedgie. A Pink Belly might be in order though.