Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Bunny vs. Wolverines

Update: I make McCain's linky love all-stars, in a supporting role. Instapundit gets an update all to himself.

The Other McCain takes a great whack at the government-job loving, Beck-Limbaugh hating Republicans ("If those rubes would stop worrying so much about abortion, I could get a house in Loudoun County').
His highlighted sentence is "The GOP succeeded without ever having to forge a partisan consensus on domestic policy."
Why? Well, you can't out-Easter Bunny the Easter Bunny. You see coverage on local news about the stimulus, and it's always "Look at how the government money is going to help us out here. Thank you Democratic congressman for doing this for us."
On the other side, we're offering Wolverines. Which means fighting for your freedom in the cold and desolate mountains, while watching your friends and family get picked off one by one.
Why would anyone decide to be a Wolverine? Because we're adults. We know the Easter Bunny doesn't exist. It's adults who buy the candy and stuff for kids. It doesn't just magically appear.
We're the adults who will be paying taxes while Democrats take the credit for the spending. And try to make us look bad for raining on their parade.
The Wolverines are fighting for the children too. So they will have freedom and possibilities for their future. Instead of loading them up with debt like a pack mule and kicking them out into the government-controlled world.

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Vincetastic said...

Easter Bunny for me.