Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cartoon for Easter Bunny vs. Wolverine

I've been looking, but can't find the good illustration to go with my Easter Bunny vs. Wolverines post last week.
It's an episode of Fairly Odd Parents, a Nick show those of you with tween kids probably know. (It's about a 10-year-old boy with magical fairy godparents, and the troubles they get him out of after they grant his wishes).
The boy, Timmy, asks that all food be dessert when he tired of eating vegetables. So, everything is candy and cake, the kids are happy and soon they all look like bowling balls. Unfortunately, that changes the earth's gravity and sends the planet racing toward the sun.
But it's a cartoon, with an alien who considers brussel sprouts dessert. One of the fairy godparents eats it, grants the wish to make everything back to normal and the world is saved.
Remember, eating only candy doesn't work. The sweet promises of money for you from the Democrats will come to ruin, unless there's a fairy godparent with a magic wand in the White House.

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