Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why pick on Beck?

When Glenn Beck began his Headline News show two years ago, he asked his audience when the show would be cancelled. I picked Jan. 20, 2009, figuring President Hillary wouldn't like him on the air.
When President Obama was inaugurated, he wasn't on Headline News anymore. It was his second day on Fox.
Now his show is growing in popularity, he's out in front with the Tea Party movement and concerns about our crushing debt. So he's become the poster boy for what's supposedly wrong with the Right.
Listening to Beck's worries can be sobering and depressing. I like listening, but there's times I've got to turn it off. Talking about the worst of the "what if" scenarios may look like a trip to the political wilderness, but at the rate we're going there may be only wilderness left.
There's a hunger for what Beck is talking about on the right, just like there was talk against the Iraq War on the left back in 2002. I don't think he want to be a leader of the unhappy, but he's showing the potential leaders where a huge group is hanging out.

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