Sunday, April 12, 2009

BNN top 20

Welcome to BNN top 20 with Casey Kasem. We're counting down the top political blogs in Virginia, which are read on great computers like Dell and HP. The BNN rankings are determined by posts and hits, along with consultation with a witch doctor and the government wonks who are trying to reform health care.
Let's get started with the countdown.
This week we have three newcomers, starting at number 20. He's a wannabe member of the super group SWAC Corps, who hopes to reach the success of superstars SWACgirl and Yankee Philip. Here's Fishersvillemike.
(Sorry, that's all we could afford of Casey. The other newcomers are Spank that Donkey at No. 19 and Star City Harbinger at No. 18).
Be sure to catch a repeat of this program on XM radio sometime in the future. Until then,
Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. And keep hitting those blogs.


Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Congrats, Mike! Thanks for your help in shoring up the conservative blogs as we work to counter the left.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the linkage.Keep up the good work.