Sunday, August 16, 2009

Find my jersey right away

After a good week of vacation - nice ocean waves, warm temperatures and abundant wireless internet access - it's time to return to my blogging roundup.
Smitty takes care of the Other McCain roundup while the boss heads out for tacos. Somehow he missed my referral to Dr. McCain's clinic, but that's okay - I'll still send out the bill.
Pundette has word on who's reading HR3200 and what they think.
Ol' Broad features a three-month premature baby and what happened to him the last 12 years.
Daley Gator reached 100,000 hits this week and has a new game just in time for back to school. All of that before doing a long Linkstock.
Pat found school interfering with her blogging. So unfair. Better to sleep in before hitting the to-do list.
Troglopundit's been reading David Frum again. That will cost him some brain cells.
But he still knew how to improve on Carol's work.
Piece of Work has a new site. I guess that's progress.
Wyblog had to fight the Technorati bugs to put out his roundup.
Jules Crittenden has some reading suggestions before heading out on vacation.
GrandpaJohn's checks out the Lunch Reform Initiative.
Little Miss Attila found that NiceDeb caught a squirrelly visitor at President Obama's town hall.
Skepticrats likes rhymes, and that's a good thing.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Watch out for cut-ups and do your duty.

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smitty1e said...

Sorry I missed you. Are you Technoratified? We just got the WyBlog going.