Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Operation chaos

Augusta Free Press has a pair of interesting articles today - one attacking Obamacare critics on the right and another from a single-payer advocate unhappy with Democrats.
As Montgomery Burns would say "Ex-cellent."
Obama has unified the country - left and right are upset with him. The left think he hasn't gone far enough on single-payer and the right worries whatever he does will help bring on single-payer someday down the road.
Politically, it's knocking down one of the Democrats' talking points of 2008 - competence. From Katrina to Iraq, they could say Republicans' dislike of government showed they couldn't run government properly.
Now, Democrats are in control and government not getting any better. Deficits are higher and the change of administration didn't change much. Try to blame Republican roadblocks, but every governing party faces roadblocks from the opposition. If you're competent, you can get around them.
Democrats are unhappy, frustrated and thinking about lashing out since they won in 2008 - but feel things slipping away. Republicans just need to push the right buttons and it will quickly be their turn at the wheel again.

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