Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obamacare and sex change operations

Health care reform is faltering. It's hard to go from "Let's help these people" to "It's going to cost what?" without losing some momentum.
Let's throw another speed bump at it. Will Obama's proposal cover sex change operations?
We usually don't like to think about such things. Too much wincing. We enjoy God's creations and the beauty out there. But you've got to examine all parts of an issue like this.
What's the stance on these type of operations? Will they be paid for or not? Why or why not?
Some people think they are necessary. They would like to be made the gender they think they are. I would like to throw a fastball 100 mph, but I'm not whining to the government to operate on me so I can.
We've heard that pacemakers may be restricted if the patient is near the end of life. How many pacemakers can you buy with one sex change operation?
Or will it be "Sorry grandpa, you can't get the pacemaker but you can life out your days as a grandma."

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smitty1e said...

When we get to the point where we question the basic validity of government involvement in these questions, we'll be getting somewhere.