Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Acted stupidly"

President Obama calls a press conference to help move along his health care proposal. And the first thing on "Today" show was about his comment on the Harvard professor.
Way to step on your message.
When Chuck Todd mentions "10 events in 10 days" about health care, you're losing the media. They get bored hearing the same message day after day. And they're paid to hear it. Their boredom infects the coverage and how the story is going.
Now, National Review is collecting stories of doctors and policemen who feel the President is beating up on them. I can hear those poll numbers dropping now.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is way off side here and he is showing is real self, I wonder if he would of made a comment if the professor was a white man. Obama was a big mistake and as each day passes he proves it more and more.