Friday, July 10, 2009

Thoughts at 1000 posts

Here's a milestone, so I thought I'd share a few things I've learned in my short time blogging.
1. Find your niche. There's so much going on in the internet, and no one can be an expert at all of it. Post on what you're interested in, and focus on those items. Let some stories pass you by - there's plenty of other voices out there.
I visit Instapundit or Don Surber to see what's hot, and if there's something I can add to the story.
2. Be timely and timeless. To be read, it's helpful to be quick on the draw when a big event hits. But you'd be surprised at when your posts can get read.
Google search keeps the past alive a lot longer than people hold onto newspapers. You may write something and get hits on it a month or two later. I avoid using today, since who knows the day the reader will visit.
3. Short and sweet. For most posts, I keep it within one text box in blogger. I love writing one sentence items, or a short item with a pull-out quote. There's more things for the reader to choose from, and it doesn't fill up the computer screen.
If something pops into my head about something in the news, I put it out there. Throw it against the wall and see what sticks.
4. Drafting. Just like on the NASCAR track or the interstate, find some big dogs of the internet and follow them closely. It increases your reach and helps bring the hits along. I saw stuff by the other McCain earlier in the year, especially his advice on getting a million hits in a year. I'm far from that pace, but it's nice to be part of his team.
The weekly roundups do bring in the traffic. And it doesn't always have to be Megan Fox.
It's cool to find your blog among American Power's super list of conservative blogs, or to see a spike in traffic on Sitemeter when someone picks up your post.
5. Have fun. I enjoyed reading Mark Steyn and Iowahawk before starting blogging, and now enjoy highlighting their latest writing on my blog. And it helps me find things I liked more easily in the future.
American Power had the post that inspired this post. I've added my two cents, and now it's on to the next 1,000 posts.

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Pat Austin Becker said...

Good advice!

If you aren't having fun then nobody else is either.

I'm a long way from the million hit thing too but I'm going to have fun on my way there!