Monday, November 30, 2009

Only 13 percent

Abortion continues to be the tar gumming up the works of health care reform. Despite the fact that only 13 percent of abortions in 2001 were paid for with private insurance money.
Megan McArdle doesn't understand all the complaining from abortion rights groups.
So I don't get the outsized reaction to all this--I mean, outside the professional interest groups, who of course are contractually obligated to get outraged about everything. Fears that women will lose their current access to abortion often seem to be muddled together with frustration at not being able to expand access to abortion. But anyone who was not seriously entangled in an opaque ideological cocoon could see that using government funds to help expand access to abortion was never. going. to. happen. More people are against it than for it, and they're in a stronger bargaining position.

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