Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weblog Awards countdown

Two more days until nominations close on the Weblog Awards. Ruby Slippers has a good awards roundup, listing several of the blogs I like and follow.
She even voted for me, since I went ahead and submitted a nomination for this blog. With the changes in Technorati ratings, I'm in the very large blog category.
Other nominees in that category include Daley Gator, So it goes in Shreveport, No Sheeples Here and Legal Insurrection.
The Other McCain has entries for Best Individual Blogger. Troglopundit , The Classic Liberal and Pundit and Pundette are also nominated.
Among Virginia blogs, I saw Below the Beltway has a nomination for Best Individual Blogger, as does Vivian Paige. I'd hope there were more Virginia nominees to show how well people in the state have done this year.
I even entered my Weekend Watchdog in the best sports blog. You gotta play to win, I figure.
Check the categories and see what you like.

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theCL said...

Thanks for the list, it's hard to find everybody but I found 'em all and voted for them. I couldn't find Weekend Watchdog, so I nominated it again.