Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our global warming tree

The Penguins, Polar Bears and snowmen are doing just fine on our Christmas tree.

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Unknown said...

It says Let it Snow on your tree. With Global warming, there will never be snow again. Honest, it didnt snow here on Friday. It was a mirage.
You global warming deniers are just soooo out of control.
I just got an email from East Anglia telling me how bad Global warming is. It was a real email, not a hacked one by a right wing crazy.
Al Gore sent me a request to buy carbon credits to save the planet.He says that he has not made one penny from his movie, book, company, etc. I believe him. He has an extra 9,ooo,ooo,ooo pennies since he left office, but not 1 penny of that is beacuse of Global Warming profiteering.