Monday, November 16, 2009

What's up for Palin in 2012?

I watched the Oprah interview off-and-on (it's also important to watch the son play video games).
Is she going to run for president in 2012? I doubt it, because I think that would be a step down for her.
She's a normal person, and can do normal things. And still post something on Facebook to excite a million people.
I enjoyed hearing her talk about the Katie Couric interview. One piece was done after a rally and rope line, and Palin's excitement evaporated when she saw Couric there waiting.
I've been a reporter. I interviewed winning players and coaches right after state championships. I waited my turn while the coach talked to excited parents and fans. And as the local guy, I had a relationship with them and knew what worked.
Normal people don't have to deal with tons of reporters asking the same question (or the same question 12 times like Couric did on abortion).
Big-time politicians have developed their ways to deal with the limelight, but maybe it's our loss that normal people like Palin seem out of place in the big-time political realm.

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