Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maybe 2008 was enough

As the battle for health care reform goes on, what impact will it have on next year's elections?
Does passing a health care bill make Democratic success more likely in 2010?
Or, for some voters, is just electing Barack Obama president enough?
Look at your Virginia voting numbers from last Tuesday. So many fewer Democrats voting than in previous years.
Is it because Democrats haven't delivered on their promises yet?
Or they aren't really excited about how work on the promises is playing out?
Or was it enough to be part of history. Elect Obama and it's real history. They did their job and it's done.
Sure, exciting the base may bring out more workers to try to get those voters back to the polls.
But what if they're just happy with what they did in 2008? The idea of voting for Creigh Deeds to assist President Obama didn't get too far? Is that a sign of things to come?

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