Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is Clarus Research Group?

There's a new pollster out there - Clarus Research Group. A poll they released Tuesday had the Democratic candidate closer than other recent polls in the Virginia gubernatorial race.
It's advertised as a non-partisan group, and where's what I found on their website today.
The company started in June, 2008 by Ronald Fauchaux. His political background includes serving as chief of staff for Senator Mary Landrieu (Democrat-Louisiana) during the Hurricane Katrina recovery period, along with being a state legislator and Louisiana Secretary of Commerce.
I checked, the website of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, but no results turned up. Since he's been in Washington for over 15 years, his state service would have been in the pre-internet era.
The website has a link to his column in Forbes last month on using polls to understand how politicians and ordinary Americans look at the health care reform debate differently.
I don't see any other pre-election polls on his site, but an article with polling results on the William Jefferson-Joseph Cao congressional race of last year. The full article is on the paid side of the site.
We wish new businesses good luck. In polling, you need to be right to stand out and get repeat business. Not just the attention that comes from giving Democrats some hope.

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