Monday, September 28, 2009

Blame Tony Blair

Why's President Obama jetting over to Copenhagen to make a pitch for Chicago hosting the 2016 Olympics? Blame Tony Blair.
I thought Wikipedia might be helpful on this. I read this about the selection process for the 2012 games.
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair was the only leader of the five candidate cities' countries to make a personal lobby (he had also been the only one to attend the 2004 Olympics).
London edged out the favorite - Paris - by four votes.
Brazil's leader has been pushing Rio hard and planned to attend the selection meetings. He even talked to Obama about who's going to win after the G20 meetings last week.
So Obama's trapped. Don't go, and if Chicago loses it's his fault.
Go, and it's bad if Chicago still loses. If Chicago wins, he may get some credit but also catch some grief for his time management.

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