Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama is...

Is President Obama the most leftist president we've ever had? It's what Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity say.
Or he is a bipartisan guy who's being unfairly smacked around by boorish Republicans like Virginia Democrat thinks.
Both are right. Let's move on.
Looking at history shows Limbaugh and Hannity are right. Of the 42 guys who've held the office, Obama is more to the left than Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter. Go back further and the more conservative demeanor of the country would make presidents closer to the center.
Looking at the polls may make you think Virginia Democrat is right. Republicans haven't rolled over and played dead. They're holding rallies, shouting at elected offices and training plenty of fire on Obama positions and staffers.
Virginia Democrat sees the town halls helping fire up Republicans and boost Bob McDonnell into the lead. But he's depending on Obama on buckling down and firing up Democrats to boost Deeds' standings.
Right now, any action from Obama will produce an equal (and possibly greater) reaction on the Republican side.
Sorry Mr. Deeds, but Obama's not your rocket to a win. He's an anchor to your loss.

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