Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Be still, my heart

Tough night on the TV, watching 24 and trying to follow the Caps' game. It's 2-2 when the show begins.
Commercial break, and it's 3-2 Penguins.
Next commercial break, it's 4-3 Caps. How did that happen?
Then it's 4-4 and going to overtime. The bioweapon on 24 has been dealt with. What are they going to do the last two hours.
24 ends and the Caps are celebrating. I hope they don't play next Monday. It's the two-hour 24 finale.


Unknown said...

TIVO,DVR, 21st Century. Soon we will watch TV like Winston Smith

AREJAY said...

I think Tony Almeida scored the winning goal in overtime with an assist from Chloe. Glad they stopped the weapon before it got to the Verizon center.