Friday, May 15, 2009

Help for free

Augusta Conservative and SWACgirl blog about Augusta County's new position for Economic Development Director. They don't seem to approve. Guess I can't ask them for a reference when I apply for the position.
Economic development for Augusta County should be a piece of cake, even without a full-time director. I can give plenty of reasons to entice businesses to move and stay here. No cost at all.
1. We have mountain views and interstates. How about that?
2. We have Hershey's and Little Debbie's. It's snack food heaven.
3. Close to Charlottesville, but this is Virginia Tech country.
4. All Redskins games on TV.
5. If an asteriod hits earth like in Deep Impact, we'll have oceanfront property.
I know there are plenty more, but I've got to work on my resume.


Unknown said...

I can tell you more. It wasn't that long ago that I moved to Augusta.
Low crime rate compared to national.
Low tax rate compared to elsewhere.
Good schools generally.
Lower car insurance rates.
Convenient to Interstaes.
Convenient to Airports.
Convenient to shopping in Harrisonburg and C'Ville, but still far enough away.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

5) Climate: Not too hot (most of the time), not too cold. Just enough snow to be pretty but not so much that everything grinds to a halt (most of the time).

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Yeah ... and all that Phil said! :)

Mike said...

And don't forget,
The best bloggers in the state.

Augusta Conservative said...

We have a great Fourth of July Parade in Staunton with all the old cars. (my favorite part)
We also have free entertainment every other Wednesday night at the Government Center.
We have the Sweet Festival in Stuarts Draft every year. (free chocolate)
And we have two newspapers that echo each other daily.

Can anyone think of anything else?