Thursday, May 14, 2009

Abortion kills health care reform

Glenn Beck started Thursday's show by seeking pro-choice callers to explain their views. He tried not to argue; he wanted to understand.
A caller in the first half-hour mentioned the decision should be between the doctor and the woman. Thus, the government should not dictate.
Now, let's add the health care reform plans to our thought processes. We need to save money, so let's get the government involved. Will the decision be between a patient and doctor?

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Augusta Conservative said...

You have a great point. I am a nurse at our local hospital. Think how universal health care will impact all health care decisions. For example, a knee replacement for a 75 year old woman who lives alone, or an obese patient who needs spine surgery for pain relief, and now men and women can be as reckless as they wish and always have abortion as an option to taking responcibility for their actions. Health Care in this Country will fundamentally change if Universal Health Care comes along.