Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Idol means? McDonnell wins

So, the talented, over-the-top performer loses to the cookie-cutter, nice Christian guy. American Idol sure sounds like a scenario of the McAuliffe-McDonnell battle for the governor's race.
Blue Virginia asks what it means. He brings up "lingering homophobia" as a possibility, but I doubt that. The voting cohort for American Idol does not fall into the traditional "homophobic" group. I can't see Bubba texting for four hours to make sure the "gay-looking guy" didn't win.
The Idol voters mostly fall within the Obama generation, those under 30. Kris won the "guy I'm comfortable with" vote. Just like Obama did last year. That's a big part of your lesson.
Looking at McDonnell's campaign, that's what he's shooting for also. The liberal bloggers and progressives who think society is moving their way probably won't be pleased. Sorry guys. Remember, there's a large pool of people who don't study the issues like you do. A "cool" McDonnell will beat a "hot" McAuliffe in the likeability race.
At least, after the election, McAuliffe supporters can talk about the better life he will have back on the Washington circuit.

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