Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jobs McAuliffe will create

1. People to track his employment history.
2. People to explain Global Crossing without using the phrase "Right-wing conspiracy."
3. People to track the political connections used during his career.
4. People to explain what favors he will offer businesses to do more business in Virginia.
5. People to explain how a dealmaker from the dot-com bubble will make it through the current credit crunch.
6. People to add other jobs I may have missed.
The Washington Post weighs the positives and negatives of McAuliffe's background. His father-in-law -partner in several Florida land deals - says he's a very good businessman.
"He's very prescient and just has a good sense and a good instinct as to value and a sense of timing," Swann said.
If he wins, will he tell Virginians what market is going to tank so we can get out before the losses mount.

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smitty1e said...

Should that piece of work win, I will seriously consider evacuating VA.